Company Overview 

Ngarin Sanat Asia Co., Ltd. (special joint stock company) has started its business in 2002 with the aim of designing and manufacturing electronic parts of automobiles. In the same vein, the Asian NIGER Company, using the expertise of domestic experts and using the latest design and production methods, has been able to take great strides in the design and production of automotive electronic products and marketed its products under the brand name NSA.
In 2005 and 2006, due to policies adopted by the government to develop more clean and more fuel efficient applications, the design team focused on CNG gas control systems and started designing electronic equipment It includes a variety of fuel conversion switches, injector emulators, admixing timers, and ECU (Closed Loop and Sequential) types. By the end of 2006, the company was able to start the production of the aforementioned components by AFTER MARKET and OEM to the automobile companies (Iran Khodro and Saipa) thanks to God.
Ngarin Sanat Asia Industrial Co., as one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of electronic components in the CNG system in Iran, has been present at various domestic and foreign exhibitions related to CNG and LPG industries, and in 2011, its foreign branch, Facilitation of exports in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Regarding the fact that the automobile industry has always been seeking to achieve new technologies and optimally use it to provide high-quality components, Negarin Asia Co. has been able to develop and upgrade its knowledge according to scientific technique and approach. Products of 100 The percentage of domestic products will be distributed globally. Therefore, to reach these goals, there is a difficult path and many obstacles. Also, it has been able to obtain ISO9001, ISO / TS169019, ISO IEC 17025 certificates and Iran's standard marks from internal and external inspection companies for its stabilization and quality system implementation.
The research and development unit of this company has always sought to market new products each year by examining the needs of domestic and foreign markets. The company's assembly unit also uses the most up-to-date equipment and tools, such as the Pick & Place machine, to produce electronic boards. All tests required during the design, production, and final product evaluation process are performed in accordance with the international standards of the company's lab. In the same vein, the Nigerian Industry of Asia has been able to manufacture car options including smart displays, rear-wheel sensor and intelligent taxi system for the first time in Iran. Also, due to the continuous activity of the innovation and design department, the company succeeded in obtaining a knowledge certificate in 2014 and has been able to identify the world's most promising brand of intelligent automotive displays. At present, according to the company's new design in the field of electronic systems, all relevant designs have a patent and industrial property license.
In addition, Ngarin Sanat Asia Co., with the design and manufacture of a control of gas-fired engine-generators in 1395, has taken an effective step towards the launch of dispersed power generating units and is recognized as the only company in the Middle East. Today, according to the Lord, Ngarin Industry of Asia is proud to have a highly skilled and experienced technical staff, as well as the use of new equipment, ready to serve various industrial sectors and contract for the implementation of new projects.
One of the most important goals of Ngarin Sanat Asia Co. is to facilitate the access of its customers to the company's products and to provide after-sales services throughout the country. Also, Ngarin Asia Asia Co., with knowledge of the consequences of using unsophisticated and non-standard parts, intends to sell its products through authorized dealers in other provinces, selling counterfeit and non-standard products with its brand name, as well as problems Multiple, resulting from the use of non-standard parts for respectable customers. In addition, Ngarin Asia is pleased to announce its products to its sales representatives with extensive distribution network. This is done through cars equipped with the company's name and logo in various cities. The company also attracts representatives to increase the ease of access of respectable customers to various products and provide post-sales services in all cities of the country. Therefore, all the CNG equipment stores and also the accessories can declare their application for agency by sending the following form and after reviewing this request by the trading department of the company, appropriate measures in the field of awarding the agent's representation Done.